Our Five Pledges


From day one, we aim to establish regular communication with our customers to make sure they are having a great user experience. We will be in contact at least once a quarter to discuss any issues you are having that we can help you overcome.


Once you sign up to the business user account, we will send you online training resource from BizPaymaster ™ Academy (coming soon) on how to use the tool you have invested in.

3- BizPaymaster ™ BizCafe (Business community)

All our business customers get access to BizPaymaster ™ BizCafe (coming soon) – an online business resource platform enabling users to find out answers to business questions, meet local businesses and create a buzz for their products in their local area BizCafe offer useful advice and tips to help you to get ahead in your local business geo-market.

4- The Breathe ™ mobile app Newsletter

The website carries a number or articles each month aimed at showcasing what our technologies and solutions can do, how they can help solve current issues, and how other organisations are using them. Each month we compile these pieces into one Newsletter, which we send out to all our customers.


We are constantly striving to improve our hardware and software solutions as well as create new ones, often off the back of customer feedback. We will keep you informed of new developments that are applicable to your passion, trade, industry, and vacation destinations, as well as seek your feedback on new concepts and ideas that we are testing.

People need banking, not banks.

- Ranjit Sarai, President's Choice Financial

Banks can partner with fintech to build an ecosystem where the size of the pie grows for the banks and third parties.

- Mike Henry, Scotiabank

The key to success is making a habit of doing things you fear.

- Derek Colfer, Visa

We're one to two years away from a machine that can debate with you on your investment hypothesis.

- Pavel Abdur-Rahman, IBM

Software eats expertise.

- Tom Creighton, Wealthsimple

Banks have to upgrade themselves, or risk being burnt to the ground.

- JP Nicols, CEO

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